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Top 8 Festivals in Armenia!

Having one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Armenia has many national festivals devoted to food and drinks. If you have already planned a holiday trip to Armenia and wonder what traditional or modern festivals. We can help you to discover festivals.
Here, we present the most popular and spectacular tourism events and festivals in Armenia.


If you want to try a good barbecue, come to this festival on August 20. Akhtala city has become the main destination of Barbecue Festival in Armenia. During the festival you will learn all four ways of making a khorovats. The festival will be accompanied by traditional songs, dance, games and theatrical performances.


Areni Wine Festival is  a great way to discover Armenia, its culture and traditions. The opening starts with bright and spectacular parade of the best winemakers, accompanied with singing and dancing. The festival will be held in Areni, Vayots Dzor Province on October 07.
Wine is a divine key which opens the gates of a human heart and soul. Since the creation of the world it seems like wine-making has become a national character among Armenians turning into a holy symbol of worshiping. In 1994 Areni Wine factory was founded on the initiative of The Simonians in the Areni village of Vayots Dzor province with the aim of continuing and enriching ancestral wine making traditions. 


Imagine yourself walking along the street in one of the modern capital cities in summer heat. Suddenly, a group of children or teenagers come up to you running and pour pails of water over you. You are astonished, confused and do not know what to do. Call the police, complaint, cry, or what else can you do? It is difficult to answer this question, if you are in Germany, France, Russia or elsewhere. Only if you are in Armenia the answer turns out to be quite clear. The only thing to do is just smile and laugh from the heart, as here, on the successive 14th Sunday of Saint Easter, the people celebrate a national religious holiday – the so-called Vardavar. 


The festival is held at the memorial complex “Sardarapat” in Armavir region. The festival aims to popularize Armenian dishes, where guests show cabbage varieties and are familiar with the recipes for their preparation. 
On weekdays and holidays this dish decorated tables of every Armenian family. Event attendees can try dolma prepared by each of the participants and give their assessment. Also on this day is a holiday ritual food – participants can get acquainted with the national dishes of the Armenian people. Celebrations are accompanied by songs, dances and various competitions.



Armenians really love watermelon and even have a summer festival held every year in Yerevan.  This will be a great and crazy fun for everyone. So don’t miss your chance and be one of the participants.



On every 22 August, in the center of Yerevan near Swan Lake annual beer festival is being held. From year to year the festival becomes more popular. During 5-hour festival one can enjoy not only fresh local beer, but to listen to live music, participate in many competitions with interesting prizes.


Festival of honey and berries is organized annually on 18 August in Shamshadin region, which is considered the center of honey making. Every year about 3000 participants take part in this interesting event. Both different kind of honey and various local berries are demonstrated here. 



Yerevan Color Run is the most beautiful and colorful event of the year happening in Armenia the third time!  The run take place in the heart of Yerevan, on the Republic Square on July 16. A lot of surprises are prepared for everyone to dive into the magic atmosphere of the party.
We hope Yerevan Color Run will be the happiest and the brightest five kilometers in your life!